Name 姓名: Michelle 謝皓晴

Age 年齡: 17

Language 語言: English 英文 、Cantonese 廣東話、Mandarin 普通話

Hobbies 興趣: Badminton 羽毛球、Playing violin 小提琴、Reading 閱讀

Special Talent 特別才能: Ambidextrous 左右手同樣靈活

Favorite Country/City 喜愛國家/城市: Vancouver 溫哥華、Hong Kong 香港

Favorite Music 喜愛音樂: Pop 流行曲、Ballads 情歌

Favorite Artists 喜愛藝人: The Script、A-Lin、Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰、Phil Chang 張宇、Rachel Mcadams、SHINee

Favorite Movie 喜愛電影: Forrest Gump

Favorite Animals 最喜愛動物: Llamas 駱馬

Least Favorite Animals 最討厭動物: Cat, because I am allergic to its hair 貓,因為我對貓毛敏感

Favorite Food 最喜愛食物: Rabokki (Ramen + Dukbokki) 韓式拉麵炒辣年糕

Most Memorable Moment 最難忘經歷: When I won my first badminton tournament 當我第一次贏得羽毛球比賽

Most Embarrassing Moment 最尷尬事情: When Adam asked me to dance freestyle at the Sunshine Nation audition. Sunshine Nation 面試時,評審Adam要求我即場跳舞

Best Attributes of my body 最滿意身體部位: My dimples, they make me me 臉上的酒窩,是我的標記

Goals/Dreams in Life 志願/夢想: To travel the world and experience different cultures through food 環遊世界,並透過食物去感受每個國家的風土人情

When asked about your fashion style, the first 5 words/terms that come to your mind are 被問及你穿衣風格,你最先想到的5個名詞或形容詞是: Simple, Basic, Comfy, Chic, Casual