Name 姓名: Ariel 曹晶晶

Age 年齡: 17

Language 語言: English 英文 、Mandarin 普通話、French 法文

Hobbies 興趣: Solving the Rubik’s cube 玩扭計骰、Surfing 滑浪、Playing ultimate frisbee 玩飛碟

Special Talent 特別才能: Dancing 跳舞 (Latin/Chinese/Hip-Hop/K-Pop) 、Playing violin 小提琴、Piano 鋼琴

Favorite Artists 喜愛藝人: G.E.M. 鄧紫棋、Girls’ Generation、Adele

Favorite Idol Drama 喜愛偶像劇: To The Beautiful You 偷偷愛著你、Dream High、Downtown Abbey

Favorite Movie 喜愛電影: The Hunger Games 飢餓遊戲、the Harry Potter Series 哈利 • 波特系列

Favorite Color 喜愛顏色: Red 紅色、 Gold 金色

Favorite Animals 喜愛動物: Puppies 小狗

Favorite Food 喜愛食物: Fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and any other type of edibles potatoes 炸薯、薯蓉、焗薯,總之任何用薯仔煮的食物

Least Favorite Food 最討厭食物: Seafood 海鮮

Most Memorable Moment 最難忘經歷: Attending an educational program for gifted youth and taking a logic and problem-solving course at Stanford University in the summer of 2012. 2012年暑假前往美國史丹福大學報讀了專為資優生而設的教學課程

Most Embarrassing Moment 最尷尬事情: Finishing an entire meal at a high-end restaurant only to realize that I forgot my wallet 於高級餐廳用膳後才發覺忘記帶錢包

Most Admired Person 最敬仰人物: Grandma, she is kind, loving, intelligent and hilarious! 姥姥,她慈祥又有愛心、聰穎又風趣幽默

Goals/Dreams in Life 志願/夢想: Become an awesome mother 當一位好媽媽

When asked about your fashion style, the first 5 words/terms that come to your mind are 被問及你穿衣風格,你最先想到的5個名詞或形容詞是: Comfy, Relaxed, Swagalicious, Glamorous, Elegant